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Working in Speciality Chemicals Distribution

Distribution plays an important role in any industry. A specialties chemical distributor is similar to any other in that these companies buy chemicals from manufacturers and sell them to customers. You can compare distribution companies to a buffer solution. For instance, if a manufacturer is unable to fulfill a contract and goods are in short supply, distributors are the go-to for chemicals. In this article, we’ll look at the chemical distribution industry, available positions, and how specialty chemical recruiters can help you land a good-paying job.

The Role of Specialty Chemical Distributors Has Evolved

Over the years, the role of specialty chemical distributors has shifted a little. In general, specialty chemical manufacturers used to view distributors as a necessity with ups and downs. Manufacturers only saw distributors as a way of reaching smaller customers or any market that’s difficult to serve economically.

However, specialty chemical distributors have become a vital aspect of manufacturer channel strategies today. Good distributors have deep market insights and offer real value for manufacturers, including customers. That’s partly why the chemical distribution market is fast-growing – the complexities involved in reaching customers and increased consumption of chemicals in end-use industries, such as polymers, pharmaceutical, and construction is driving opportunities.

A Career in Specialty Chemicals Distribution

Working in specialty chemical distribution can be exciting if you enjoy diverse and dynamic work. However, getting hired is challenging since many available positions aren’t posted on job boards like Indeed. Many companies use specialty chemical recruiters to find and onboard professional talent, so you should consider working with one. Networking with recruiters will give you an advantage over others in the job market.

“The specialty chemicals recruiters have a unique understanding of the processes, hazards, and challenges that go with specialty chemical distribution requiring distribution market-specific talent.” – Boaz Partners, specialty chemical recruiters.

Additionally, employers are looking for specific things in candidates, and having a degree isn’t enough. You’ll need marketable skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, leadership, and teamwork. The more proactive you are, the better. You’ll also need the right degree coupled with some industry certifications. Some work or volunteer experience can help you stand out, too – employers want people that can work in harmony with peers and take necessary initiatives.

Furthermore, aim to emphasize quantifiable data in your resume. Show employers the numbers concerning how the last organization you worked for benefited from your contributions.

Opportunities in Specialty Chemical Distribution

Working in specialty chemical distribution offers an opportunity to work with various customers across the nation or even internationally. Here are some positions you may find interesting.

  • Chemical engineer
  • Plant manager
  • Chemical operator
  • Automation controls engineer
  • I&E technician
  • Project manager
  • Quality manager
  • Territory manager
  • Vice president
  • Account manager
  • Regional sales manager
  • Product manager
  • Chemical products distribution manager
  • Technical services
  • Chemical/delivery driver
  • Information technician
  • Customer solutions representative
  • Customer service representative
  • Collection analyst
  • Office services assistant
  • Warehouse supervisor
  • And much more

Cheers to a Bright Future

Chemicals are essential to various industries and present in many of the products people use daily. Therefore, it’s unlikely that demand for strong employees in specialty chemical distribution will decline. To maximize your opportunities, consider working with specialty chemical recruiters that can connect you to well-known distribution companies.

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