Desert Empire talks about Frameless Shower Doors

The Pros & Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

Have you ever been inside a square shower basin, or any odd-shaped shower, surrounding yourself with the curtain, impossibly trying to prevent water from leaking out? Perhaps you’ve been noticing the water rings, discoloration and mildew slowly creeping up your shower curtain. The ascetically pleasing and functional answer to these problems is frameless glass shower doors. 

Even without frustrating curtain experiences, the modern beauty and appeal that an all-glass frameless shower adds to a bathroom are worthy of consideration. If you are considering installing a frameless shower in your new home or renovations, first consider these pros and cons:


Minimalism is Magic

If minimalism isn’t ringing your interior design bells yet, then you probably haven’t seen what it can do for the bathroom. The sleek, modern, and clean look of frameless shower doors are undeniable and irreplaceable. Traditional framed glass shower doors will clash with other modern touches and appear outdated. If your bathroom needs an upgrade, consider a shower that not only blends but stands out simultaneously. 

Anything But Boring

The bathroom should never be the last consideration when designing or remodeling your home. Consider the last time you visited someone, and if it was for any length of time, you inevitably used their restroom (especially if consuming beverages). Did you notice how clean and well-kept it was? Perhaps even “oohed and aahed” at the modern and thoughtful features? When it comes to entertaining guests, the bathroom is one of the most visited (and visually analyzed and judged) rooms of your house! Do something special, a beautiful all-glass frameless shower is the ticket. 

Space is the Place

When considering a new shower, a custom frameless door is king for utilizing space. Frameless is the only way to go. Traditional showers and framed doors are less flexible and only available in standard sizes. Also, the transparent nature of an all-glass shower creates the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Consider that the door on a framed glass shower only opens outward, which may not be the most functional. A frameless glass shower has doors that open both inward and outward, which is not only great for space but may even decrease the likelihood of an accident or injury. Space is an important consideration for smaller bathrooms. 

Clean Freak

No grooves, no problems. It’s incredibly easy to care for a frameless shower, as opposed to its traditional counterpart which harbors mold and dirt in all the bevels, nooks, and crannies. A sparkling clean shower is just a squeegee away. 

Rust Free

Metal frames are often victim to corrosion. Over time the inevitable happens and you’re going to be replacing metal framing. Skip the scrappy appearance and opt for luxuriously clean and maintenance-free. 


You Get What You Pay For

Cost is going to top the list for most people. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want a frameless shower, but the list of reasons is usually short and begins with this. Consider this, while it may be more expensive in the near-term, the long-term pay off is substantial. Not only will you avoid replacing metal framing but you are adding to your home’s resale value by upgrading to high-end design. 

Leaks Happen

Without the insulating material and frames from traditional shower doors, water leaking out is likely to happen. However, it doesn’t have to be a problem. So long as the shower is strategically placed and positioned, leaks can be avoided or will be minimal. 

Desert Empire Mirror & Glass in Coachella Valley lend their expert advice, “Over anything else, be sure you’re utilizing the perfect dimensions and a professional is helping you to install for the tightest fitting custom cut glass.”

Glass Shatters

It can happen. Don’t worry too much, it’s very rare, and the tempered glass offers safety. Also, a properly installed door has significantly less chance of breakage. The other reason glass doors can shatter is inclusions or imperfections. This is why it’s important to not DIY a project of this magnitude and import, hire a professional glazier. 

Whether you’re upgrading for a better-looking bathroom or looking for a way to maximize space, custom frameless shower doors are an exceptional solution.

Desert Empire Mirror & Glass always recommends utilizing a professional for the safest glazing on your custom, frameless shower project. 

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