The Power of Power Washing with Nature Pro Cleaning

The Power Of Power-Washing: Carpet, Tile & Upholstery

Have you dealt with cleaning methods that leave your home with a chemical smell? Perhaps you deal with stains and grimes that won’t budge. John Warehime, owner of Nature Pro Cleaning says, “The best cleaning methods are power washing options that also put your home and health first.” 

Considering the cost of expensive, chemical-based carpet cleaners, utilizing a professional power washing system will ensure you save time and money!  Power washing (also known as pressure washing) is the use of a high-pressure water spray system to help remove mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from objects and surfaces.  

While power washing features are often advertised for at-home carpet cleaning, the right power washer with the right settings can be utilized for carpets, rugs, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning as well.

Tips For Power Washing for Carpets  

First and foremost, Nature Pro Cleaning recommends that you use toxin-free options, especially when cleaning carpets.  Carpets tend to have the most contact with your skin!  Your feet walk on the carpet, and your children play on the carpet.  Therefore, you want what lives in your carpets to be as chemical-free as possible while also removing the dust and grime that can cause skin reactions. 

Another thing to note, carpet cleaning options that are free of toxins are also free of spots. Often times, the same chemicals used to clean carpets are the ones that also attract stains right back to the same place!  

For an added perk, include organic essential oils in your carpet cleaning system to help keep your carpet smelling fresh.  These organic essential oils help add a sense of hominess to your home – providing comfort between Spring cleaning phases.  By utilizing a pressure washing system without added toxins or chemical mixes, you will rid your carpet of stains for good while you enjoy a clean allergen-free home.

Power Washing Means Tile Cleaning That Lasts

Tile cleaning with a power washer is one of the best-kept secrets to home cleaning!  To out the grime, you need to go for the root. Other methods get visible mold removed but still leave un unseen layers of grime deep inside the grout. This means that nasty black mold will come back to the surface of your grout in a matter of days. By power-washing your tile on a lower setting, you can get deep into the grout without damaging your tiles or using excessive amounts of toxic chemicals often used on tile, like bleach.  Methods like power washing rid grime like mold and dirt at the root, ensuring your tile shines bright. 

Tips For Power Washing Your Upholstery

As for upholstery cleaning, power-washing methods are key just like for tiles and carpets. With rugs or upholstery cleaning, you’ll want to make sure that you test on a small area first. Utilize a low setting for your power washer and go slowly for the best results. These methods are effective in removing tough stains from your upholstery while keeping them free from damage. 

Power Washing Steps

Regardless of whether you are cleaning carpets, rugs, tiles, or upholstery, here are a few steps to remember when power washing or considering a service like Nature Pro Cleaning to do power washing for you.

  1. When possible, soak the item first with soapy water
  2. Lightly scrub the object or area with a stiff brush
  3. Rinse with your power washer
  4. Let the object or area dry thoroughly before using again
  5. Take Nature Pro Cleaning’s advice and deodorize with organic, certified essential oils

Power-washing methods are effective at removing grime from tiles while using less water to do so. The power washer’s heated water makes it easier to clean surfaces just like when you do dishes. This allows for the toughest of grimes to be removed with ease. With options like this, we would be doing Mother Earth and your tile a big favor. As John Warehime once said, “Out the root and you shall make your world shine with power.”

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