the petals and perks of container gardening with gabriel erico

The Petals & Perks of Container Gardening

If you’re thinking of growing plants, you’re on the right track. Few things are as satisfying as watching the seeds you planted yourself grow, springing from the soil to become nourishing food or beautiful flowers. While we don’t all own a traditional garden or backyard suited for cultivation, most of us can grow plants in containers. Plus, container gardening comes with numerous perks – here are some of them.

Versatility and Variety

Container gardening is a versatile method of growing a wide variety of plants in different settings or locations. You can grow plants indoors (adequate light required), in your patio, balcony, and more. Plants can be grown next to each other even if their soil needs differ.

You can buy the soil that suits your needs or put together the right mixture to include specific nutrients that a specific plant requires. Many things can be grown in containers, such as radishes, lettuce, bush beans, garlic, carrots, peppers, and more.

Full Mobility

Enjoy full mobility with container gardening. You can easily move your plants to suit their needs. For example, if a particular location starts getting shadier during the day, you can move the plant to a better spot. Or if you find a problem with little pests that can destroy your plants, move them.

Cut Your Expenses

There’s no need to buy expensive gardening tools or equipment for things like tilling. You simply buy the container, fertilizer, and soil or potting mix you want to start gardening. You can typically reuse the same containers every year to save money. Additionally, if you grow food in containers, that’s even more savings in transportation and grocery costs.

Great If You’re Short on Space

Container gardening is especially beneficial if you have limited space. You can place your containers almost anywhere, which is ideal for a small apartment, condo, or if you have pets. There are practically no space restrictions when it comes to container gardening. You can have tons of plants growing on a balcony, courtyard, or even your window sills.

Additionally, there are many different types of containers and sizes available. You can buy them pre-made or make your own, and different varieties of plants can use the same container (known as companion planting).

Container Gardening Is for Garden Owners Too

Even if you have a garden, container gardening is useful. You can grow plants that aren’t suitable for your garden’s soil in containers. For instance, space invaders like bamboo that grow invasively do well in a container since it restricts movement.

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