How Adding The Perfect Deck Increases House Value

With the pandemic still going strong, families across the nation are looking for home renovations to do around the house. And if you turn on the TV, you’ll know that home renovation shows are some of the most popular choices for viewers. One of the easiest projects to do that will add value to your home is adding a deck to the back of your house. Can you smell the barbecue? Can you picture the family gatherings and parties? And all you need for the fun? A new deck. 

 But first things first – Materials. 

Nowadays, there are many choices for your deck

andyour bank account. There’s pressure treated wood, cedar planking, redwood, vinyl decking and composite decking. (Hint: Pressure treated wood is cheapest.) If using cedar or redwood or even pressure treated wood, you can pull up a few youtube videos, get the kids involved and rent yourself a circular saw. What better way to create memories as a family and save money at the same time? Another factor to consider is that composite wood and vinyl decking come with a 25 year guarantee and little upkeep. Natural wood decking, although beautiful, will need to be sealed every so often depending on which type of wood you choose. 

How much value will adding the deck to your home actually add?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? If so, know that adding a brand new deck to your home will give you a 75% return on your investment. For instance, if you build a deck for around $13,000 you’ll add $10,000 to your home value depending on the size and materials of your home renovations project.

However, if there’s a family deciding between buying your home (no deck) and a home that

hasa deck . . . well, they’ll probably be picturing themselves grilling with friends and family, and watching the stars outside. In today’s real estate market, the extras count.

Backyards are today’s families’ sanctuaries. The pandemic has changed the way families spend time together and the home is the new place to be. (Sometimes the only place to be.) Make sure it’s a place your family wants to be. A beautiful new deck, some comfortable outdoor furniture and a nice grill or fire pit will make spending time at home a pleasure and not a burden.

Home Renovations – How hard is it really?

Say you’ve already found your forever home. Maybe it’s

almostperfect . . . except there’s no deck. No barbecues and no staring at the stars with your partner. You want that deck. Forget that, you NEED that deck. You’ve never done home renovations? No problem. Building a deck is a pretty safe place to start and will add to the beauty and functionality of your home for years to come. You don’t need a lot of training or even skill to end up with a gorgeous deck. Just remember:

measure twice, cut once.

This is a renovation where you don’t need a plumber, or an electrician or a skilled craftsman (or craftswoman). Pick your materials, pick your plan and head to the store. Here’s a website with different types and styles of decks you can build.  But here’s the best part – when this pandemic is over, and your friends are over for your famous brisket, guess who gets to brag about their Home Renovations? 

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