Do I Need an Architect to Renovate a Home?

Do I Need an Architect to Renovate a Home?

A home renovation is a big job, so you naturally want to make sure that it’s done right. Hiring an architect, however, seems a little bit like overkill. After all, lots of home renovations get done every day without an architect’s help, right?

Well, that may be true, but not all renovations are alike. If you’re adjusting your home to your changing needs, it can be very difficult to see all of the possibilities in a structure without some help. Architects are trained in both structural design and engineering, so they can often visualize the way that space can be transformed when others can’t. 

In some urban areas, the local building codes require either an architect or an engineer to sign off on your plans before you get a permit. Even if that’s not the case, here are some signs that you really should consult with an architect before remodeling:

You’re Making Major Design Changes to Your Home

Whether you’re thinking of adding a new room, putting a second story on, or removing some walls, a good design is critical to both the structural integrity of your home and it’s appearance. Contractors can build anything you want, but they don’t necessarily know how to make an addition look like it’s really part of your home. Architects can also prevent you from making a serious, costly mistake through any kind of code violations.

You Don’t Know Much About Building Materials or Processes

Architects are fantastic when it comes to value engineering, which is focused on achieving essential goals at the lowest cost. Their input can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run by helping you find ways to get the features you want for less money. They can suggest economical substitutions for more pricey materials and prevent design mistakes that you may come to regret.

Successful renovations and happy living spaces are the results of hard work and good planning. The plans an architect draws up can make it easier for your contractor to give you the finished results you actually expect to see. Talking over your goals with an architect can also help you figure out renovations solutions that both meet your needs and compliment the aesthetic of your home.


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