Curious Table disrupts the food delivery service

Chef Curtis Linton Defines The At-Home Personal Chef Experience

What happens when the entire country is forced to stay-at-home more than usual? A major increase in demand for all delivery services, including the chef experience we traditionally get at our favorite local restaurants. 

Chef Curtis Linton, the founder of Curious Table, saw the pandemic as a way to highlight exceptional chefs while empowering them to serve others and use their talents to help others. 

“We founded Curious Table as a way to enjoy fine dining and make family dinners more exciting and fun. During the pandemic, we’ve been blessed with the ability to provide a very special no-contact dining experience.” Very special, and very in-demand. The Curious Table concept has skyrocketed in recent months, as well as many other delivery-based businesses. These fortunate companies have the right logistics at the right time. 

People want an elevated dining experience, it’s no longer enough or as enjoyable to get the routine same ol’ delivered to your door. The unprecedented times have given rise to previously unheard of food delivery quality and experiences. We’re entering an era of next-level food delivery.

Answering the Call

While you’ve probably heard of personal chefs, the Curious Table concept is a nod to that with a new social-distance friendly flair. Meals are prepared from-scratch with seasonally available local ingredients by chefs and left at the door in quality glass and wood dishes with a story. Each chef shares the inspiration and personal experience or background with the delivered meal. 

This concept delivers weekly, providing couples with a special night to unwind without the fuss of preparing — just light the candles! And parents with an easy crowd-pleasing way to bring everyone around the table for a new and exciting meal to talk and bond over. 

Let’s Stay In For Dinner and Hear a Story

Chef Curtis Linton found his inspiration from his time living in Southwest, France, and world travels. He describes one of his mentors, “Nona” as a true Italian grandmother from Napoli, Italy. The lessons and exquisite food that Nona shared captured Linton’s imagination. When he founded Curious Table, he also managed to cultivate a worldwide community of home chefs. 

By sharing authentic recipes from around the world and the unique stories imparted by the unsung chefs that accompany the dishes, Linton disrupted food delivery and brought a welcome new dimension to food delivery and the personal chef concept. 

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