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A word coined by the artist Todd Siler, metaphorming “is to see beyond” the tried and true. It is to continually transform the meanings and uses of things and ideas by connecting and applying them in new contexts. ..” (Power of Story pp 166-168).  If metaphor is the seeing of similarity in dissimilarity, Metaphorms, like the observed/observed phenomenon in Quantum Physics, is the act of connecting disparate things to generate new forms, new variations.  It reflects the human mind’s flexibility to jump from the known to the as-yet unknown by generating metaphorms.  A Metaphorm is different from stored knowledge in that it is constantly being re-vised, re-created, moving inexorably to new Metaphorms—and you can Re-Create your own visions, your own stories, your own patterns if you just pay attention to the emerging feeling patterns inside you.  Nothing in life is static, least of all, your brain/mind.  Whether in the arts or the science, human beings continually evolve new Metaphorms to accommodat or include or discover the new.  For example, the workplace of the 20th century is turning out to be nothing like the workplace of the 21st century.  Our young are trying to prepare for environments many of which have not been invented yet.