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Gabriele Rico, Publisher


Tobias Grether, HOMOCHRONOS:
The Emergence of Time-Consciousness

Because of our evolving time-consciousness, human beings developed the ability to plan for an unknown future as well as build on the life strategies created by past generations. Thus, Homo chronos, not Homo sapiens. Grether develops the Human Action Cycle. In its earliest stages, time-consciousness made possible successful survival strategies; later, it engendered life-stabilizing acts, providing an essential condition for the birth of religion, the progress of the arts and sciences, and, globally, the advance of human culture. Although intensified time-consciousness creates UUR-Uneasiness, Uncertainty, and Restlessness, it enables humans to act on as-yet unknown possibilities, gifting them with the flexibility to grow and thrive. This is a book covering all fields of human science - time, consciousness, philosophy, economics, society, culture, anthropology, and psychology. It is a readable, thought-provoking book.


Janet Smith Post, COTTON ROCK (2011)

Its author describes her biographical novel this way: I wove these stories, my own and my family's, into one. I placed it in the Ozarks, the home of my people. The stories changed in the weaving, but the love and loss, the hope and heartache, the glory and shame are all flesh-and-blood true: of my great grandmother who could name the medicine and magic of every Ozark plant; of my great grandfather, an Ozark circuit preacher; of my grandmother who ground sorghum into molasses and my grandfather who stole kisses from the girl in the burgundy dress-all are intertwined, as the river carves the land and the land shapes the river--a communal reciprocity traced most clearly in a small town like Cotton Rock. At root, it is Anna's story: her grappling with guilt and with her God who, she says, shot a hole in her heart. A soul-searcher in need of relief, Anna writes: I'm going to put my life down in a notebook. I think writing it out will put it to rest, free me from thinking till my head is sore, keep me from traveling down worn paths leading into old, sad hollows, up to new ridges where there are things I don't know, down into sloughs so deep and dark, it feels like I'll never find my way out.

Coming Soon (2012)



When beingdifferentin our culture can bring disdain, parents may find themselves wrestling with an old and painful truth on their children’s behalf:the world is not always a very nice place.The answers to this dilemma are as many as our differences.Some speak truth to power, and some,morepower; but always, a road less traveled winds quietly to the most powerful destination of all: LOVE.



Award-winning children’s author Robin Nelson tells the story of a creature whose unique beauty brought out the beastly in others, and who, when given the opportunity to speak to power, spoke volumes.With breathtaking illustrations by David Coffman,The Quietest Birdhas something important to say to all children.