What is Clustering? PDF Print E-mail

A non-linear brainstorming process, clustering makes the Design mind’s interior, invisible associations visible on a page. Clustering becomes a self-organizing process as words and phrases are spilled onto the page around a center. The Sign mind begins to see pattern and meaning, and the writing flows naturally into a vignette. Here is an example of a five-minute writing activity (for both clustering and the writing of the vignette). The writer’s first language in this case is German; even that did not stop her from writing fluently.

Turn, Turn, Turn,

Yes, I will return. My face will be new. There will be new faces. To return home without fear, without anger, is a turning point in life. Maybe I will turn my back on all that happened in earlier years lately, late, last lesson learned through the turn--and the return. Who is it that I turn to, that I return to?. --GL


Below is a playful vignette of a writer who allowed her Design mind to go where it pleased. Clustering nothing more than the word LETTER produced a random sampling of letters which led to a patterns of “m” words in the cluster—and to this vignette:



Men - Magnificent muscles moving, Mysterious yet Malleable Minds like a maelstrom merging, Macho yet magnetic and mercurial. In the midst of a million marvelous males, I feel a manic mingling. The miracle of mere men- they make me melt. --S.R.


    A cluster is like an expanding universe, and each word is a potential galaxy:  each galaxy in turn may throw out its own universe.    --Gabriele Rico