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DUNES (courtesy William Carter)


Time traveler
through infinity,
through physicists' wormholes,
secret passages under Einstein's pedestal
across time and space.
A mausoleum in the flesh
of your belly,
a shrine to your connection
to your mother
to her mother
to her mother...
I feel the tingle of time
when we press together,
shrine against shrine,
sweetness alive, wet with desire
and possibility,
perhaps to create another time traveler,
another rebel against the tyranny
of right angles and clocks,
dodging waves and particles
to pass spirit
against all odds
through infinity

-- Jack Mayer, M.D

Body, Body
( for Bill Carter)

Belly beautiful --
umbilical to the body
and the baby --
bay of coves and
curves and contours,
curvaceous female body
bathed in light and shadow,
shadow and light,
a fine fur of hair
furling across a wind-bellied plain, the nibs of goose-pimpled skin
dotting a moon-
illumined landscape.

Gabriele Rico

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